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By Kathleen Stefanelli, 11/03/20, 1:45PM EST



Saturday, March 13th: Trials for new club members at the Capelli Sports Complex, Tinton Falls. 

U12 and U14: 3-5 PM

U16 and U19: 5:15-7:15 PM

Location: Capelli Sports Center,  (1569 Wayside Rd Tinton Falls, NJ, Field Turf)

The spring is a great time to become involved in the club for all levels!  Training opportunities are also available for players who simply want to practice within the club environment (no tournaments) as well.

Young players encouraged - U12 (4th-6th grade) is a perfect time to get involved with the club. Various commitment levels for multiple sport athletes!!  At the Academy and U12/U14 levels, we are looking for athletic players interested in learning proper fundamentals as well as Goalkeeping!

The club will participate in various tournaments for various levels throughout NJ.  All players will be eligible for local 7-aside tournaments (NJ), selected players will participate in the Junior Premiere League (NJ), Regional Club Championships and selected U12/U14 players will participate in a Kids Cup National tournament in July at the Capelli Sports Center, Tinton Falls.  

The spring season will consist of approximately 10 weekend sessions (primarily Sundays to avoid spring sport conflicts) between March-June.

Tentative Practice Schedule (all below dates at Capelli), times/dates/locations may be slightly adjusted as we get closer:

Sun. 3/14 - TIME TBD but will be between 10-2 PM for U16/U19 ONLY.  Will include call backs from 3/13 trials (participants will be notified the night of 3/13 after trials).

Sat. 3/20 - 3:15-5:00 U12/U14; 5:00 - 7:30 U16/U19

Sun. 3/21 - 3:15-5:00 U12/U14; 5:00 - 7:30 U16/U19

Sat. 4/10 - 10-11:45 U12/U14 ONLY

Sun. 4/11 - 10-11:45 U12/U14; 11:45-2:15 U16/U19 

Sun. 4/18 - 10-11:45 U12/U14; 11:45-2:15 U16/U19 

Sun. 4/25 - 3:15-5:00 U12/U14; 5:00-7:30 U16/U19

Sun. 5/9 - 10-11:45 U12/U14; 11:45-2:15 U16/U19 

Sun. 5/16 - 10-12 PM U12/U14/U16/U19 (two fields)

Sun. 6/6 - 3:15-5:00 U12/U14; 5:00-7:30 U16/U19

Sun. 6/13 - 3:15-5:00 U12/U14; 5:00-7:30 U16/U19


I.  Trials for our outdoor spring/summer travel club teams:

  • This will be for U12, U14, U16 and U19 participants.  We will train throughout March, April, May and June.  
  • Age as of Dec. 31, 2020 (if 11 or younger on Dec. 31, 2020 you are in the Under-12 age group; if 12 or 13 on Dec. 31, 2020 you are U14; if 14 or 15 you are U16 and if you are 17 or 18 you are U19)

II.  What tournaments will the club enter?

The U12/U14/U16 and U19 traveling teams will be entered into the following events (note: teams may be different for each event, selection to one does not guarantee all):

  • Local tournaments: U12, U14 & U16 Spring and Summer Local Tournaments (local day tournaments throughout spring and summer, between 2-3 tournaments).   All levels welcome for the spring (space permitting) - great way to become involved in the club.
  • U16 and U19 Junior Premier Outdoor League (NJ locations, some dates listed below, selection team only).
  • U12/U14 Shooting Stars (select teams) - Kids Cup, July 31-August 1, 2021 (Capelli)
  • USAFH U16 and U19 National Club Championships (NCC).  Must qualify first at Regional Club Championship, RCC (selection team only).
  • Thanksgiving showcase tournament 2021 (U14, U16 and U19)  (East Coast location).  We will have first round selections for this tournament at the END of the spring training sessions.  Club will enter number of teams based on club interest.  

III.  What is the Practice Schedule?

All outdoor teams will train at both Cedar Stars Facility (Capelli Sport Complex, 1569 Wayside Rd Tinton Falls, NJ, Field Turf) as well as possibly at Monmouth University's field hockey "So Sweet a Cat" astro-turf field (COVID dependent).  All times are still being finalized – a complete detailed schedule, including all fees, will be updated once all dates are finalized but the above dates are all probable days/times.  Typically total of 8-10 sessions over spring months.  

IV. Additional Training for U12/U14 players

U12/U14 are also HIGHLY encouraged to participate in our spring 5 week instructional league (most likely on Tuesdays between 5-8 PM at Shore Regional HS - mid May-mid June) AND/OR our 5 week skills clinic (Wednesdays May 12-June 16 at Capelli Sports Center 5:30-7 PM).  Details will be posted under Clinic Page of our website once dates/field locations are confirmed.

V. Local and National Tournament opportunities

A.  Local Tournament Opportunities – we will not be sorting out our spring teams until after trials and will be entering teams in local day tournaments  – pay day of: range from ~$50-$85 per tournament day (dependent on number of players playing that day).  Teams will be dependent on availability.  A google form will be sent out to all for spring availability and teams will then be made accordingly.  We understand players are involved in other sports, therefore teams may be different for each local tournament based on player's availability.  Fees are charged PER tournament to allow more flexibility in player's schedules.

Sun. 5/2/2021 - Local Tournament All Age Groups (Capelli)

1-2 more NJ tournaments in May and one more in June (location TBD)

B. U12/U14/U16/U19 National Tournament Teams and JPOL Teams:

The Regional Club Championships will be held over a weekend in the spring at a NJ location.  Information will be posted later in the spring.

If the team qualifies from the RCC, the USAFH U16 and U19 National Club Championships (NCC) will be most likely be held in Virginia Beach, VA over dates in July.

U12/U14 selected players will participate in the Shooting Star - Kids Cup at Capelli Sports Center, July 31-August 1, 2021

If you are selected to the U16 or U19 Junior Premier Outdoor League roster, below are the dates (pay per league day ~$45-$55).  

U16/U19 2021 JPOL Venue & Dates (additional dates are being finalized):

Sat. 4/10/2021 - U16/U19 JPOL for Selected Players (Capelli)

Sat. 4/17/2021 - U16/U19 JPOL for Selected Players (Capelli)

Sat. 5/1/2021- U16/U19 JPOL for Selected Players (Capelli)

Sat. 5/8/2021 - U16/U19 JPOL for Selected Players (Capelli)

Two more JPOL dates will be added as well as a championship date most likely in early June.