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Club Teams

2019 Spring Training Information

Trials for our club outdoor season will be on Sunday March 24th - U12, U14: 10-12 PM; U16, U19: 12-2 PM at Capelli Sports Center - all levels welcome!  Training opportunities are also available for players who simply want to practice within the club environment (no tournaments) as well.

If you can not attend the 24th, please contact me so we can make alternate arrangements. 



I.  We will be holding trials for our outdoor spring/summer travel club teams:

  • Sunday March 24th (U12/U14 10-12 pm; U16/U19 12-2 PM) at Capelli Sports Center (outdoor). 
  • This will be for U12, U14, U16 and U19 participants (example, you are still eligible for the U14 events through December of 2019 if you were U14 for 2019 indoor season).  We will then train over the spring/summer throughout April, May and June.  
  • Age as of Jan. 1, 2019 (if 11 or younger on Jan. 1, 2019 you are U12; if 12 or 13 on Jan. 1, 2019 you are U14; if 14 or 15 you are U16 and if you are 17 or 18 you are U19)

II.  What tournaments will the club enter?

The U12/U14/U16 and U19 traveling teams will be entered into the following events (note: teams may be different for each event, selection to one does not guarantee all):

  • Local tournaments: U12, U14 & U16 Spring and Summer Local Tournaments (local day tournaments throughout spring and summer, between 2-3 tournaments).   All levels welcome for the spring - great way to become involved in the club.
  • U16 and U19 Junior Premiere Outdoor League (NJ locations, dates listed below, selection team only).
  • TBD USAFH National New England Summer Bash - U12/U14 Teams: June 29-30 at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell in Lowell, Mass.  (must be 13 or younger on Jan. 1, 2019 for U14 team)
  • USAFH U16 and U19 National Club Championships (NCC), Lancaster, PA.  U16 NCC July 11-13 , U19 NCC July 14-16 (must qualify first at Regional Club Championship, RCC)
  • The qualifying tournament (RCC) dates for the NCCs will most likely be: May 25-26 U16 and June 15-16 U19.  Location TBD.
  • Thanksgiving showcase tournament (U14, U16 and U19) Richmond or Tampa, FL. (we will have first round selections for this tournament at the end of the spring training sessions) 

These trials are open to anyone  - young players encouraged!!  U12 (4th-6th grade) is a perfect time to get involved with the club. Various commitment levels for multiple sport athletes!!

Not much experience necessary for Academy and U12/U14 levels, we are looking for athletic players interested in learning proper fundamentals as well as Goalkeeping!

III.  What is the Practice Schedule?

All outdoor teams (Academy and Elite) will train at both Cedar Stars Facility (Capelli Sport Complex, 1569 Wayside Rd Tinton Falls, NJ, Field Turf) as well as at Monmouth University's field hockey astro-turf field.  All times are still being finalized – a complete detailed schedule including all fees will be sent out once tournament teams are finalized but below are all possible days/times.  Typically total of 8-10 sessions over spring/summer months.  Weekend with some weeknight practices.  


  • Sun 3/31 - U12/U14/16/U19 - 10-2 PM (specific age group times TBD, most likely 10-12 U12/U14; 11:30-2 U16/U19), Capelli Spots Facility, 1569 Wayside Rd Tinton Falls, NJ
  • Sun 4/7 - 10-2 (10-12 U12/U14; 11:30-2 U16/U19) - Capelli Sports
  • Sat 4/27 - 4-5:30 PM U12/U14; 5-7 PM (U16/U19) -Monmouth Univ.
  • Tues. 5/7 - 6-7:30 (U12/U14 and select U16) - Monmouth Univ.
  • Sat. 5/11 - 11-1 (Select U16/U19) - Capelli Sports
  • Thurs. 5/16 - 6-7:30 (U16/U19) - Monmouth Univ.
  • Thurs. 5/23 - 6-7:30 (U16/U19) - Monmouth Univ.
  • Thurs. 5/30 - 6-7:30 (Select U16/U19 teams) - Monmouth Univ.
  • Sat. 6/8 -10-2 (10-12 U12/U14; 11:30-2 U16/U19) -Monmouth Univ.
  • Sun. 6/9 -10-2 (10-12 U12/U14; 11:30-2 U16/U19)-Monmouth Univ.
  • Sat. 6/15 - 10-12 (U12/U14 only) - Monmouth Univ.
  • Sun. 6/16-10-2 (10-12 U12/U14;11:30-2 U16)-Monmouth Univ.
  • Sat. 6/22-10-2 (10-12 U12/U14;11:30-2 U16/U19)-Monmouth Univ.
  • Sun. 6/23 - Scrimmage against another club - times between 10-2. Monmouth University

U12/U14 are also HIGHLY encouraged to participate in our spring instructional league most likely on Tuesdays between 6-8 PM at Shore Regional HS - May 14-June 18.  Details will be posted under Clinic Page of website soon.

IV. Local and National Tournament opportunities

A.  Local Tournament Opportunities – we will not be sorting out our spring teams until after trials and will be entering teams in local day tournaments  – pay day of: range from ~$50-$85 per tournament day.

  • April 14 - Monmouth University Tournament
  • May 11 – Total Dutch tournament, Somerset, NJ
  • May 25-26 – Big Apple Memorial Weekend tournament, NY

B. National Tournament Teams and JPOL Teams:

The qualifying tournament (RCC) dates for the NCCs will most likely  be: U16 May 25-26 and U19 June 15-16 at TBD (NJ location).

USAFH U16 and U19 National Club Championships (NCC), Lancaster, PA.  Tentative U16 NCC July 11-13; U19 NCC July 14-16 (must qualify first at Regional Club Championship, RCC)

If you are selected to the U16 or U19 Junior Premiere Outdoor League roster, below are the dates (pay per league day ~$45-$55).

U16/U19 JPOL Venue & Dates:

Sat, April 13 @ Capelli Sports Complex
Sun, April 28 @ Capelli Sports Complex
Sat, May 4 @ Capelli Sports Complex
Sun, May 5 @ Capelli Sportx Complex
Sun, May 12 @ Capelli Sportx Complex
Sat, June 1 @ Monmouth University (U16s only)
Sun, June 2 @ Monmouth University (U19s only)

Select U19 Players will also have 2-3 Friendlies against another NJ Club on 3/30 from 10-11 at Princeton University and 4/6 from 9:30-10:30 at Princeton University






Time -

U12/U14 - 10-12

U16/U19 12:00-2:00

Where - Monmouth University, So Sweet a Cat Field

Trial Fee - $30

For more information on what the indoor season entails click on the PDF documents below.

Winter Outdoor Showcase Trials Sept. 9th

Trials for our outdoor winter showcase teams have now passed - please contact Kathleen at kakelly@intensityfieldhockey if interested in learning more about the club.

U14 - 10-11:30

U16/U19 - 11:30-1:30

JI will be entering teams into the:

  • 2019 Winter Escape Showcase in Sanford, Florida Jan. 18-20th (Open Team for grad years 2019, 2020, 2021 & 2022) and
  • 2019 USAFH/Disney Showcase to be held at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Feb.1-3.  U14, U16 & U19 Teams.

The Winter Escape is only eligible to 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 graduates.  The Disney tournament is based on your age - so if you are still 13 on Jan. 1, 2019 you are still eligible for U14...if 15 or younger on Jan. 1, 2019 you are U16...if you are 16 or older you have to play in the U19 age group.  

Fall training will take place from September through November at Capelli Sports Center and on the brand new turf at Monmouth University primarily on Sundays.  

9/23 - Capelli Sports Complex, 10-12 U14; 11:30 - 2 U16/U19  

9/30 - Capelli Sports Complex, 4-6 U14; 5:30 - 8 PM U16/U19

10/14 - Capelli Sports Complex, 10-12 U14; 11:30 - 2 U16/U19

10/21 - Monmouth University - 3-5 PM U14 FESTIVAL ONLY TEAMS (NO U14 DISNEY TEAMS); 3:30 - 6 U16/U19 ALL AND U16/U19 Winter Showcase Teams  

10/28 - Monmouth University - 10-12 U14; 11:30 - 2 U16/U19

11/10 - Capelli Sports Complex - 12-2 U14; 1:30 - 4 U16/U19 

11/11 - Monmouth University - 10-12 U14; 11:30 - 2 U16/U19 **(this date will also serve as our trials for the indoor season for any newcomers) 

SAT 11/17 - Monmouth University - 10-12 (U14 Festival and U14 Winter Escape/Disney); 11:30 - 2 U16/U19 (U16 Festival and U16/U19 Winter Escape/Disney) 

11/18 - Monmouth University - 10-12 (U14 Festival and U14 Winter Escape/Disney); 11:30 - 2 U16/U19 (U16 Festival and U16/U19 Winter Escape/Disney) 


Elite Club

JIFH is an elite, championship caliber travel club with a long history of success.  Our club attends all the major United States Field Hockey Association (USFHA) National showcases and has helped numerous athletes attend the colleges of their choice (see our Alumni section). Intensity has garnered medals in every major tournament hosted by USAFH - to see the history of our championships click here -

The staff of Jersey Intensity is made up of passionate, elite level coaches with high school, collegiate and international experience. We pride ourselves in having a low coach/player ratio. Our head coaches have been with the club since its inception and travel hundreds of miles every week to coach at our weekend training sessions and tournaments.  They are dedicated and committed to the improvement in every player's skill level and hockey IQ.  We coach to prepare you for the higher levels of the college game. Goalies work with specialty international goalkeeping coaches each session, in most cases having three GK coaches per session!

In addition to aiding athletes in achieving collegiate play, JIFH has had representation at all levels of our USA National squads, from the U17 National Squad up to the Senior National Squad.

Academy Travel Team Programs

Jersey Intensity also offers Academy training opportunities for those players wishing to improve their skills in a competitive but fun environment. This Academy is designed for young players first learning the game (U-12 and U-14) or for older players (U-16/U-19) who need more time developing and honing their skills before they are ready to move up to one of our championship level travel teams. It is also for the player who wants to train with our ELITE level coaching staff but who cannot commit to National tournaments. Tournament opportunities will be available throughout the year:

1. U-12 year-round training and tournament opportunities
2. U-14 year-round training and tournament opportunities
3. U-16/U-19 winter training and tournament opportunities

How can I join the Club?

We have 3 try-outs a year (if you miss a trial email Kathleen to arrange coming to a practice for an evaluation as we will evaluate newcomers throughout the year)

  1. Indoor trials occur in late November or the first week of December. The indoor season lasts from December through early March (various levels of teams)
  2. We then have outdoor trials for our Academy as well as National showcase teams (U12/U14 Outdoor Showcase Teams, National Club Championship, Spring JPOL and Thanksgiving Teams) in early spring of each year. Outdoor teams will train over the spring & summer months (approximately 9-10 three hour sessions). Festival and other winter outdoor showcase teams will additionally train over the fall months (another 10 three hour sessions)
  3. Another round of trials occur in late September/early October for our winter outdoor showcase teams.

What Tournaments will the Academy and or the Elite Club enter?

The U12/U14/U16 and U19 traveling teams will be entered into the following events (note: teams may be different for each event, selection to one does not guarantee all):

Academy teams: U12, U14, & U16 winter indoor, spring and summer local 7-aside outdoor tournaments (December-July)
Spring Junior Premiere Outdoor League (U14, U16, U19)
USAFH Northeast Summer Bash U12 and/or U14 teams, late June, early July weekend
USAFH U16 and U19 Regional Club Championships
USAFH U16 and U19 National Club Championships (NCC), July, Lancaster, PA
Thanksgiving  Showcase, 2018  W. Palm Beach, Fl or Richmond, VA TBD
Outdoor National showcases, January or February of every year (both Winter Escape and National Hockey Showcase - Florida)
National Indoor Qualifier Tournaments (elite teams) U16 & U19
National Indoor Tournament U12 and/or U14, U16, U19, late February-early March every year

What age group is the club for?

We have teams in the U-19, U-16, U-14, and U-12 age groups. Age as of January 1, 2018
Example: you must be 15 or younger on Jan. 1, 2018 in order to be eligible for the Under-16 travel team